18 Stunning Small Hideaway Ideas In Your Garden

There’s no better vantage point than a garden nook where you can spend long hours relaxing and enjoying the natural beauty of the garden. If you are looking for small garden hideaway ideas to calm down and mind, the list of our ideas below will have you own a space that is so equally functional and aesthetically pleasing to be your favorite corner on weekends.

They are not big projects, they can be under a big tree, in a corner under an arbor, or even in a flower bed. Seating can be as simple as a rustic wooden bench or as nap-inducing as a chaise with plump pillows. All designs tend to be small, simple, and idyllic to inspire you to carve out your own garden hideaway. Whether your garden is large or limited, it can be turned into a refreshing green area.

#1 A Small Wood Pergola Design

Source: Terri Creeden

#2 A Small Pallet Hideaway

Source: Weheartit

#3 A Peaceful Hammock Idea

Source: Pinterest

#4 A Recycling Garden House

Source: Leigh Morberg

#5 For the Love of Gardening

Source: Pinterest

#6 Under the Bower of Roses

Source: Warrengrovegarden

#7 A Beautiful Pergola Idea

Source: Instagram

#8 A Simple Garden Seating Under The Shade Of Big Tree

Source: Janine Demorest Ransom

#9 Warm Reading Nook

Source: Bookbub

#10 Stunning Garden Seating With DIY Fire Pit

Source: Penick

#11 A Red Garden Bench

Source: Redheadcandecorate

#12 Amazing Playhouse

Source: Designdazzle

#13 Rustic Hideaway Idea

Source: 79ideas

#14 Under The Beauty Of Willow

Source: Waitrosegarden

#15 Small Natural House

Source: Pinterest

#16 Garden Bean House

Source: Comfortspringstation

#17 Creating a Canopy of Vines

Source: Tinycanalcottage

#18 A Glass House

Source: Reliable-remodeler

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