How to design a charming garden islands for your yard this spring

Once you have found a good location for the garden on a property, it is then time to decide on the size and shape of the bed. Shape the bed creatively; kidney or crescent shapes are interesting, or try rectangular, square or oval. What theme or style of garden plants would you prefer? Choose the best look, and after some initial planning, it’s easy to design the rest of the garden with the iScape app.

Once the garden design is complete and approved, it’s time to install soil and plants. Mark your area with paint or flour. Dig the perimeter, removing grass from all edges. Cover the central part of the island with thick layers of newspaper before placing 6 to 10 inches of topsoil or amended soil on top. The newspaper and heavy soil will kill the grass and weeds below. Plant trees and shrubs first, then decorative stones or other accessories. Follow that by planting the shorter perennials and annuals.