Amazing 17+ stylish yard designs for your garden

Amazing landscaping adds value to your home without breaking the bank. And it creates a space that you and your family can enjoy for many years.

But before you run out and buy a bunch of plants, follow my step-by-step instructions for designing your garden.

You will learn some basic design principles. And I’ll help you avoid the mistakes most novice gardeners make.

Before you start, why not download a free garden design workbook pdf?

How to design your own garden:
Decide how you want to use your garden.
Take stock of what you have.
Make a gardening wish list.
Choose the right plants for your design.
Draw your garden plan.
Watch your dream garden take shape.
Download a free garden design workbook.
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The style you choose matters
Choosing a garden style is like decorating the inside of your house. If you are collecting garden design ideas or plans, make sure they complement the style of the house you have.

A very minimalist garden wouldn’t look right alongside a Victorian-style home, and a rambling cottage would clash with modern architecture.

Stay consistent with the style. Not only should the landscaping complement the house, but it should be in the same style in the yard and backyard.

If you are attracted to several styles of gardens, choose the one that best complements your house and fits with how you want to use the garden.

Good garden design creates outdoor spaces
A garden room can feel spacious or cozy, depending on how you design it.

A roof (a shade structure, large shade tree or umbrella)
Think about how you can add rooms to your garden and how to connect them to create a cohesive design.