Adorn your garden with amazing flowers this spring

Protea cynaroides
The homeland of Protea flowers is the country of South Africa.
It is a shrub-shaped plant and can be sized between 1-2.5 meters.

Its flowers are long-lasting and are used in the cut flower industry as well as landscaping.
The flowers of the proteas are often bell-shaped, with densely colored wrapper leaves on the branches.
Its dazzling flowers can reach an average of 30 cm in diameter.

Poppy Flowers

Papaver somniferum, the opium poppy, is an attractive plant with hairy, blue-green leaves from which showy, extravagant flowers emerge in summer. The flowers can be single or double, in a variety of colors including lilac, purple, white and red. Individual flowers do not last long but others follow, each producing a large seed head, which is very attractive in its own right. With the right conditions, Papaver somniferum will self-seed abundantly.

How to grow Papaver somniferum
Grow Papaver somniferum in fertile, well-drained soil in full sun. Allow the plants to develop seed heads after flowering to ensure they self-seed around your garden, or collect seed to sow in the spring.